NigelG_sMy interest in form and the exploration of working three dimensionally has evolved over time and has taken a number of different directions. Lacking a formal art education I have developed my primarily sculptural practice through a range of short courses and self exploration of varied materials and methods as described on the home page.

I have benefited greatly from the high standards of tuition and facilities at the City Lit in London where I have taken a range of courses over several years. The current government policies of reducing funding to such adult education colleges is a travesty that will deprive many people in their middle years and older from exploring and developing their inner creativity.

I have had varied and worthwhile work as an academic teacher and researcher and as a senior manager within local government among other forms of casual and free-lance work including manual occupations. Not all of this is relevant to my art, but much of it has been and it continues to inform how I work and the ideas and concepts I seek to develop through it.

Having a sociological imagination and a curiosity about human consciousness and the ways subjectivity becomes reified and embodied in artistic forms is a good starting point to contemporary artistic practice. My art may reflect many of the discontinuities in my personal life, but it is also a way of connecting across time and the multiple identities we all inhabit.

I have shown my work in a number of end of year shows at the City Lit. One piece made while on studying there was short listed in 2008 for the finals of the Victoria and Albert Inspirations competition and was subsequently on display in the V&A. More recently I have shown my work;


November 28th to December 20th  
Sculpture at the Rock Tower. Tuffnell Park Road, London N 7. With Hinchee Hung.


February 4th – 7th 
Unearthed at the Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, Euston Road, London  NW1 2BA Joint show with five other artists 

March 27th   
Behind Closed Doors at the Market Estate Project, North Road, London N7
(see also more images). With Hinchee Hung

June 19th  to July 4th  
In Transit, Islington Exhibits, Waitrose Holloway Road N7 With Andy Charalambous and Hinchee Hung.

8th – 19th September
Totem in the Start Exhibition, Clarence House, The Mall, London SW1. With Hinchee Hung.


5 – 12 June
Highly Strung in Hoxton, London N1 With Hinchee Hung a show of suspended art


19 – 29th July
Re-turned  Islington Exhibits, Waitrose, Holloway Road N7

Sept -Oct
Work in group show An Tallis, Ullapool, IV24

Broch Arising public art installation as part of Assynt Festival

Dec 2012 – April 2013

‘Save the Conker’ as part of Look Out Art Trail with Hinchee Hung and John O’Leary, St George’s ward Islington N7. Funded by Islington Council.

April 2013 – June
‘Hanging in Holloway’, Busworks London N1, joint show with Belle Robinson

May 2013
Member show An Talla Solais, Ullapool

October 2013
Open air show of large (and small) work Assynt Festival, Lochinver IV 27